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Common to our applications is the WebMate® user interface. This browser-based graphical interface provides a single, simple, yet powerful method for users to access multiple tasks and services. Utilizing browser technology means that no additional software must be loaded on individual PCs, simplifying installation and maintenance. Through a single secure login, authorized users can view and control the array of automation processes within the WebMate application as well as access information from relevant OSSs.

A closer look at the WebMate architecture is available here.

WebMate Benefits:
  • Accessed through simple browser-based graphical interface
  • Common automation and presentation engines enhance scalability and reduce costs
  • Allows simultaneous or 'phased' implementation with other WebMate applications
  • Extensive report capabilities for administrative, supervision, and tracking purposes
  • Enhances security through 'single-point' user authentication and fewer user accounts
  • Easily configurable through client-specified business rules

Administration: Through a single log-in, technicians may access all authorized services as well as the operations support systems with which they interface. This single access point enhances security and reduces administration time spent on current systems. User authentication may be accomplished via simple password or SecurID. Administrators select which actions and systems a user may access through the WebMate administration screen.

Workflow: WebMate users are presented concise, yet complete lists of their relevant work load. These lists include a summary of the most critical and often used data; less frequently accessed information is available from 'mouse-over' labels or links to additional screens. By presenting relevant information and 'action' buttons on the same screen, WebMate increases productivity for both users and administrators. Work loads may be viewed for the individual, the group, or the entire system, depending on permissions granted to the particular user.

Work Control: WebMate is designed to operate in a 'real world' environment where work orders are occasionally wrong and data from operations support systems may be missing or invalid. After validating the provided information in all relevant systems, WebMate has the ability to request information or direction from the technician when appropriate. These dynamically generated Action Pages™ allow input or choices in handling unexpected discrepancies. Once a particular situation is encountered, WebMate can remember this input so that the same situation can be handled in the future without human intervention.

Reports / Statistics: WebMate also provides a wealth of statistics and reports for improved administration. Information may include number and disposition of orders, errors reported, orders late or in jeopardy, technician usage and productivity as well as other statistics which are of benefit. While standard reports are available for simplified access, custom reports are easily configured and personalized settings may be saved for each individual user. Reports are generated in 'real time' and may be requested manually or scheduled for automatic generation and delivered to a specialized WebMate screen, e-mail or printer.

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