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WebMate® CPA (Call Processing Auditor)

The WebMate CPA application validates the accuracy of a new or existing code point translation. This application builds a complete picture of how a particular code should be processed by the C.O. switch by gathering relevant data from multiple operations support systems and comparing it with the actual routing. Any discrepancies are reported and, where feasible, corrective actions are suggested.

WebMate TSA (Trunk / Switch Auditor)

WebMate TSA performs automatic verification and comparison of trunk translations between the C.O. switch and the trunking database. Requests, entered via the WebMate interface, may be made for an individual trunk group or for an entire switch. Discrepancies within certain key fields, designated by the customer, are reported as well as trunk groups assigned in one system but not the other. With an available enhancement package certain errors or discrepancies can be corrected in the trunking database automatically or after technician review.

WebMate CPR (Call Processing Repair)

The WebMate CPR module extends the functionality of WebMate ATM or WebMate CPA by automatically correcting most discrepancies found during the validation of new or existing code point translations. The module available for ATM corrects mistakes in routing orders as they are issued; the module for CPA provides similar functionality on an entire code point or office at user discretion.

WebMate CVA (Call Verification Auditor)

The WebMate CVA application provides automated call-through verification for routing and trunking changes, as well as specialized testing (e.g. centrex features or call blocking). This application connects to the relevant central office and performs test calls for all affected line class codes. Tests may be requested manually or initiated automatically upon completion of provisioning orders in other systems, including other WebMate applications. Any errors are analyzed, reported and, where feasible, corrective actions are suggested.

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