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WebMate® ODS (Order Delivery System)

WebMate ODS is an integrated system for the acquisition, organization, management, and storage of work orders. This application provides workflow control and reporting for orders from a variety of systems. Such functions as retrieval of orders, data validation, assignment to technicians, and archival storage are all performed automatically. All access to work orders, by technicians and administrators, is electronic. Administrative reports are easily available and an additional module performs direct queries of the source OSS.

WebMate SDB (Shadow Database)

WebMate SDB provides an accurate picture of the C.O. switch in order to reduce the processing required by the network element itself. Queries as well as translation services are performed on the platform dedicated to WebMate SDB, thus freeing the switch for its primary call-processing tasks. The WebMate graphical interface provides a variety of views and access permissions depending on the function and authorization of the user, while an automation interface allows efficient access for mechanization applications, including WebMate and those from the customer or a third-party vendor.

WebMate RDS (Report Delivery System)

The WebMate RDS application enables authorized users to generate dynamic reports which combine data from diverse sources into meaningful information. Data may be drawn from any relevant system and can be presented as a standard, pre-defined report or within a user-designed custom format. Reports may be generated per request, delivered on a regularly scheduled basis, or triggered by specific data events.

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